September 5, 2016



Happy Data Management provides a fresh approach to financial and patron data management. With an accounting and database expert working together from onboarding to reporting, we provide an integrated approach to tracking, using and analyzing the data that you need to make successful strategic decisions for your business or non-profit. We’ll help you see the big picture so that you can focus on delivering the best product to your customers.


Organizational Maturity Assessment

Is your business or non-profit being held back because you don't have the information you need to accurately make sense of your situation? Our free initial consultation will provide you with an assessment of the accuracy, efficiency and meaningfulness of your current data management procedures.

Data Entry

Whether it's getting your bookkeeping handled or keeping your customer data up to date, we can make sure that the information in your system is accurate and ready when you need it.

Report Creation

Data only becomes valuable when it's looked at. We can design custom reports for your business or non-profit that are relevant to your strategic goals and easy to understand. We'll even come in and prepare them for you!

Database Development

Software can not only help you keep track of your information, it can streamline your workflows and ensure that everyone is following best practices. Let Happy Data help you find the right software combination for your business and get it configured and implemented without interrupting service to your customers.


Let Happy Data create valuable documentation for you, including work flows, how-to manuals and company policy handbooks. Then when you have a new employee or a question about how something is done, the answers are already spelled out.


When you have reports that tell you what you need to know and employees who are happy because they can do their jobs efficiently and transparently, you'll be happy knowing your customers are getting the best possible service.

Our Team

Erica Howard

Erica Howard is Happy Data's money expert.  Her training as a management accountant and years of experience as the financial director for a multi-million dollar non-profit in the UK gives her a valuable ground-level understanding of what businesses and non-profits need to see in their financial reports to stay on track.  When you work with Erica you'll love her ability to explain your financial situation in easy-to-understand terms and her commitment to providing you reports that mean something to you.

Annette Pretorius

Annette Pretorius is Happy Data's database expert.  With a degree in pure math and years of experience growing a small arts non-profit, Annette loves to deliver creative solutions to organizations with big needs and little resources.  When you work with Annette you'll appreciate her ability to understand every aspect of your business or non-profit and her dedication to creating workflows that simplify life for your employees without compromising your ability to run valuable reports.

Joe Chisholm

When you're spending too much time getting your computers and IT equipment to work, Joe is your guy.  He's been working on computers since he learned they existed and formally trained under David Weber.  With a friendly, can-do attitude, you'll appreciate Joe's low stress and non-nonsense approach to getting all your gizmos and gadgets back in working order.

Moriah Rodstrom

Moriah gained an interest in bookkeeping while helping her father with his electrical business and immediately signed up to receive her Business Skills certificate from the Delta-Montrose Technical College.  You'll love Moriah's precise attention to detail and knowing that in additional to working in the latest version of Quickbooks, Moriah would be comfortable keeping your books with paper and pencils well.  Plus, as a certified electrician, we love the spark she brings to the workday.