September 5, 2016

Bookkeeping, Payroll, Salesforce & More!


Happy Data is all about the big picture. We help small businesses and non-profits keep track of what is happening by streamlining procedures, assisting with daily functions such as bookkeeping, and building and analyzing high-level reports.

Go Further

When you take the time to get organized and efficient, you're setting yourself up to go further. Improved organization not only allows you to work more efficiently, but will keep your business focused on its goals and ensure you follow your best practices every single time. Lay a strong foundation for growth now by letting Happy Data help you design and document workflows that will accommodate your growing business.

See Deeper

Great reports start with great data collection. From data entry to staff training, we can help you collect all the tidbits of information you need to have in-depth answers on your business' biggest questions. Are your products actually making money? Instead of guessing, let's get all the important information in the right place so you can pull a report in real-time and actually know.

Take Better Risks

Thinking of hiring a new employee? If you invest in expansion now will you have enough cash to get through the next few months? Gaining perspective on how big decisions will affect your business requires looking at historical trends. Let Happy Data help you take better risks by setting up an information structure for your business that will give you multi-dimensional reporting in real time.



We take bean counting to the next level. In addition to making sure all your income and expenses are properly accounted for, we'll use innovative solutions to make sure you can report on all the important aspects of your business to help you improve your bottom line.  

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Data Entry

Whether it's getting your bookkeeping handled or keeping your customer data up to date, we can make sure that the information in your system is accurate and ready when you need it.

Report Creation

Data only becomes valuable when it's looked at. We can design custom reports for your business or non-profit that are relevant to your strategic goals and easy to understand. We'll even come in and prepare them for you!

Database Development

Software can not only help you keep track of your information, it can streamline your workflows and ensure that everyone is following best practices. Let Happy Data help you find the right software combination for your business and get it configured and implemented without interrupting service to your customers.


Let Happy Data create valuable documentation for you, including work flows, how-to manuals and company policy handbooks. Then when you have a new employee or a question about how something is done, the answers are already spelled out.


When you have reports that tell you what you need to know and employees who are happy because they can do their jobs efficiently and transparently, you'll be happy knowing your customers are getting the best possible service.

Our Team

Annette Pretorius

Annette received her degree in pure math from California State University, Long Beach. Since then she's been applying her penchant for systematic thinking across fields ranging from art centers to engineering. Before founding Happy Data she was the Executive Director for the Blue Sage Center for the Arts in Paonia. This is where she discovered her passion for helping small businesses and organizations find budget-friendly ways to become data-driven decision makers. In her spare time she enjoys baking and volunteering in the community.  You might also hear her on KVNF from time-to-time, where she hosts a classical music radio show called "The Classical Fool".

image of happy data

Callie Hale

Callie Hale enjoys numbers, accounting and especially helping clients figure out complicated problems. Having completed a BA in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing, and currently working on another BA in Accounting, she has the education and drive to ensure you find the right solutions for your company. When Callie isn’t working she enjoys living in the beautiful North Fork Valley, spending time with her family and training horses for rodeo competition.

Moriah Rodstrom

Moriah gained an interest in bookkeeping while helping her father with his electrical business and immediately signed up to receive her Business Skills certificate from the Delta-Montrose Technical College. You'll love Moriah's precise attention to detail and knowing that as a certified electrician, she always bring a spark to the workday. When not happily chomping away at a very large data entry project, Moriah loves spending time with her family and Jeeping around the back roads of Western Colorado.