December 15, 2017

Happy Clients

Here’s what they’re saying. . .

Lizzy's Market

“I love Happy Data and their quick and professional service.  It is such a relief to know that my records are in order and I can figure out which areas of my business are working and which aren’t.  Plus everyone on the team is really friendly and calm, which is a great fit for our fast paced work environment.” – Elizabeth Plummer, Owner, Lizzy’s Market

Mountain Harvest Creative

“As a non-profit, we require really accurate bookkeeping to report to our board, donors and grantors.  Annette’s background as a non-profit director means that she understands the budgeting and reporting challenges of a small non-profit.  It’s been great to not only have a great bookkeeping team, but also someone who can help me and the Board understand what everything means so that we can make better decisions.” - Heidi Hudek, Executive Director, Mountain Harvest Creative

Shadescapes Americas

“We’ve been meaning to document and streamline our customer service procedures for years, but as a growing company, haven’t been able to find the time.  Hiring Happy Data to lead this project for us means that we’re finally making progress and actually implementing our ideas for better customer service.”  - Jo Edmondson, CEO, Shadescapes Americas

Wisehart Springs Inn

“I was already working with Happy Data for my business, when I decided to ask them to help me with a personal project to summarize 24 years of financial information.  I’d been putting off this project for years because it was so big, but Happy Data handled it quickly and created reports that made it easy for me to find the answers I was looking for. Annette’s immediate grasp of the reports was unusual as well as her superior analytical abilities. I can’t recommend their services enough.” – Art Wisehart, Owner, Wisehart Springs Inn 

Leroux Creek Foods

“Hiring Happy Data was a really great business decision.  Previously I would have to spend hours training the new bookkeeper and double checking their work.  When Happy Data came along, they knew what they were doing from day 1, which meant that I had more time to focus on my business.  Plus, when it was time for me to hire a full-time bookkeeper, they provided a procedure manual and trained the new employee.”  - Debbie Dees, COO, Leroux Creek Food Corp

Delta County Libraries

"We really value Happy Data's quick response time and their on site availability to work with us face-to-face.  We are so happy to work with a local bookkeeping service that offers comprehensive and adaptable services." -Lea Hart, District Director, Delta County Libraries.

Here’s who they are . . .

Agape Farm and Retreat

Mountain High Equipment Rental

Shish KaBikes

ECOShelter Design + Build

Blue Sage center for the Arts

Azura Cellars and Gallery

The Paradise Theater

Rogue River Watershed Council

Tuxedo Corn

Kale's Cottage